Tuesday, May 11, 2010

barbarous ignorance

The world that we are living in..

We are living in a great society but full of violence and hatred

The world of materialism and individualistic

Long time ago, I am a little child searching for the truth

The purpose of our life..

Then, I found out that we are here with a mission

And we were given a great power

But it seems that..

With great power comes great responsibility

It's more less the same with all the movies in the TV

Batman, Superman, The incredibles, Hulk Hogan ( you name it!)

So what should I do?

Just sit back and relax?? hoho..say no more!

We are not live to pleased the people but to pleased the creator

Let's make it a reality..harakatul inqaaz

The mujaddid

Somewhere i belong, NZ..

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